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Artsy fartsy Starbucks mug

Just don’t dip your brush in it

Band of Outsiders Double Wall Ceramic Traveler – Rainbow, 12 fl oz

Band of Outsiders Double Wall Ceramic Traveler – Black, 12 fl oz



UFO Bookend

UFO Bookend

Relive your abduction

The Autographer: A Life Logging Smart Cam

Can it top Memoto?



“he Autographer is a wearable camera that sees what you see and uses an algorithm to shoot pics automatically at just the right moments.

It’s not just a little smart. It’s super intelligent. The camera itselfcontains 6 sensors – GPS, a compass, accelerometer, thermometer, color sensor and infrared motion detector, so it knows to snap a shot when things are getting exciting.

You simply set the capture rate: low, medium or high. The Autographer will grab 50-200 photos an hour through its custom 136° wide angle glass lens onto its 5 MP sensor. It stores GPS and sensor readings along with every last one of ’em.

Capture ultra-candid moments around the dinner table! Record all the spontaneity of a weekend biking escapade.

Your photos upload via bluetooth to your iPhone, for quick viewing/tagging/sharing. If you’re rockin’ an Android, no sweat! You can upload your photos to your computer via USB cable.

The Autographer app (for iPhone, Mac, or Windows) helps you easily make stop motion videos, map your photos by their GPS data, share your creations on social media and more.

It’s the perfect companion for any adventure. Wear it hiking so you can concentrate on not getting lost and avoiding bears. When you’re safely back at home, review a whole day of fun in pictures you don’t even remember taking.”

Interested? 400 on Photojojo.

Adventure Kartel Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez Astronaut Gangsta 1:6 Scale Light-Up Action Figure





Want this very much.

Razer’s Project Christine Desktop PC Is Ambitous and Possibly Vaporous


Razer, which has produced some beautiful gaming laptops over the past few years, is now taking on the desktop PC with Project Christine.

Christine is a modular gaming desktop that aims to take the hassle out of upgrading. The base tower has liquid mineral-oil cooling built in, and lets users plug in each individual component, from the processor and motherboard to the storage drives and RAM. Each piece is specially packaged so it can slide right in, and users don’t have to mess with wiring or come in contact with the internal components.

At least, that’s how it works in theory.

As with Razer’s Edge gaming tablet, which first debuted under the name Project Fiona, Razer says it will only go through with Project Christine if there’s enough interest from the community. But this time, Razer didn’t bring a working prototype to CES. The company claims to have…

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The lovely DODO

 photo Email_PostXmas3_zps674b97b9.jpg

Over the years I have admired DoDocase’s beautifully crafted book bounded style cases. But I really think they should expand their line beyond Apple products. Yes, they also cater for Nexus and Kindle, but they should also consider Galaxy tabs, notes and etc.

Maybe a loop for stylus or hidden pocket for screen wipe would be nice. Or an attachment for a mini keyboard.
Just a thought.

Book Rest Lamp vs Reader’s Nest

Which design wins?


The last and only credit card you’ll ever need?

Hmm, I don’t know, what if it malfunctions and you’re stuck at the bar/ restaurant? I mean if you’re shopping for things, you can leave it at the counter. Interesting idea though.


    “Put your fat wallet on a diet with Coin, a single tech-connected credit card-sized device that takes the place of all your credit, debit, loyalty, gift, and I-don’t-even-remember-what-this-one-is-for card currently leaving a perma-divot on your cheeks. First, load your cards onto it one-by-one (there’s no limit) using a Square Reader and the Coin app to organize them. When it’s time to pay/redeem/rack up points, just whip out your Coin and give the built-in button a tap until the card you need is shown on the digital display and it’s good to swipe.”

And if you’re worried having all your cards in one place will leave you vulnerable, relax. The card has a built-in location sensor that shoots an alert to your phone when it’s out of range to help break your habit of leaving it at the bar, and will even completely disable itself if and when you declare it lost.


Meet the $1000 Microwave-sized 3D Copier

 photo tl-horizontal_main_zps2b44011a.jpg

    “The FABtotum is a multipurpose “personal fabrication device” — about to crush its goal on Indiegogo — that combines the technology of a 3D printer, a 3D scanner, and a CNC milling machine all in one microwave-sized package. Wondering what that means? Well, basically it’s like having a hyper-efficient mini manufacturing facility on your countertop.

Not only can it turn out plastic objects seemingly from thin air (like any other desktop 3D printer currently on the market), but it can make perfect digital copies — and subsequent printed plastic duplicates — of any relatively small object, much like the Photon 3D Scanner. It would make life a whole lot more convenient: you wouldn’t need to fish around for misplaced screws or hardware; or a missing button for that blazer.

Want something “printed” in a material other than plastic? No problem, just switch to milling mode, and it’ll use precision “subtractive” tech to cut, carve, or engrave anything from foam to metals.”


You would be so boss if you have this in your office

While during business hours you’re all suited up and business-sy,
having this in the corner of your office lets your clients peek into your playful side,
assuring them that yes, you are the man/woman.

And I’m pretty sure after you guys shake hands and seal the deal, the client would ask,
“Can I take a gander at that?”

 photo SR0001lg_zpsd8f19148.jpg

Avengers Movie Full-Size Premium Pinball Machine at