The Autographer: A Life Logging Smart Cam

Can it top Memoto?



“he Autographer is a wearable camera that sees what you see and uses an algorithm to shoot pics automatically at just the right moments.

It’s not just a little smart. It’s super intelligent. The camera itselfcontains 6 sensors – GPS, a compass, accelerometer, thermometer, color sensor and infrared motion detector, so it knows to snap a shot when things are getting exciting.

You simply set the capture rate: low, medium or high. The Autographer will grab 50-200 photos an hour through its custom 136° wide angle glass lens onto its 5 MP sensor. It stores GPS and sensor readings along with every last one of ’em.

Capture ultra-candid moments around the dinner table! Record all the spontaneity of a weekend biking escapade.

Your photos upload via bluetooth to your iPhone, for quick viewing/tagging/sharing. If you’re rockin’ an Android, no sweat! You can upload your photos to your computer via USB cable.

The Autographer app (for iPhone, Mac, or Windows) helps you easily make stop motion videos, map your photos by their GPS data, share your creations on social media and more.

It’s the perfect companion for any adventure. Wear it hiking so you can concentrate on not getting lost and avoiding bears. When you’re safely back at home, review a whole day of fun in pictures you don’t even remember taking.”

Interested? 400 on Photojojo.


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