Depressed Man Tries to Feed Himself to Tigers, Gets Rejected

The Tension Diaries

    In many asian countries, mental health is still not recognized as something scientific, they rely on shamans and religious leaders in hopes to cast the ailments away. When one have thoughts of killing themselves or knee deep in unknown sorrow, they were deemed possessed or have turned away from God. This man probably have shown signs before resorting to this.

Man saved after trying to tempt the beasts for 20 minutes

A female Bengali white tiger drags a man by his shirt after the man climbed into the enclosure, at a zoo in Chengdu, Sichuan province February 16, 2014.

Entering the tiger enclosure at the Chengdu Zoo in China’s southwest Sichuan province, a man made vigorous, but unsuccessful, attempts to entice the animals to eat him, a Chinese newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“I asked them to bite me and let them eat my meat, and so I…

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