The last and only credit card you’ll ever need?

Hmm, I don’t know, what if it malfunctions and you’re stuck at the bar/ restaurant? I mean if you’re shopping for things, you can leave it at the counter. Interesting idea though.


    “Put your fat wallet on a diet with Coin, a single tech-connected credit card-sized device that takes the place of all your credit, debit, loyalty, gift, and I-don’t-even-remember-what-this-one-is-for card currently leaving a perma-divot on your cheeks. First, load your cards onto it one-by-one (there’s no limit) using a Square Reader and the Coin app to organize them. When it’s time to pay/redeem/rack up points, just whip out your Coin and give the built-in button a tap until the card you need is shown on the digital display and it’s good to swipe.”

And if you’re worried having all your cards in one place will leave you vulnerable, relax. The card has a built-in location sensor that shoots an alert to your phone when it’s out of range to help break your habit of leaving it at the bar, and will even completely disable itself if and when you declare it lost.



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