Wish by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

When I was a kid I used to watch Neil Buchanan’s Art Attack. Remember those?

Seeing Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada’s Wish on Mental Floss’s Water Cooler Ammo newsletter:


Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, a world-renowned artist famous for his larger than life portraits, recently revealed his latest project: an 11-acre portrait of a young girl. The artwork, titled “Wish,” is part of the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s in Northern Ireland.

“Wish” is composed of 30,000 wooden pegs, 2000 tons of topsoil, and 2000 tons of sand. All in all, the project uses around 8 million pounds of natural materials. Rodriguez-Gerada had help from local volunteers in designing and constructing the huge portrait.

The young girl depicted in the artwork is an anonymous Belfast resident chosen by Rodriguez-Gerada during a research trip to the city. “‘Wish’ wasn’t something that just got presented, it was a process,” the artist told the Belfast Telegraph. “Getting to know the city on multiple trips and letting the creative [energy] flow helped bring the image to me of what I wanted to do.”

To date, “Wish” is the largest land art portrait in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It will be on display until December 2013, and can only be viewed by plane or from elevated buildings within Belfast.


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